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"Hi-Tech is one of the industries' most respected companies for a reason. They know the gear not only from the nuts and bolts, but also the software, operating systems and design philosophies of each console, making them uniquely qualified to match the best solution to the engineer's needs."

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Sound Equipment Services Sound Equipment Services

Sound Equipment Services from Hi-Tech Audio

Whether you are looking for a new certified pre-owned console or rental console, Hi-Tech Audio is at your service. Again this is all we do so you can bet we know what we are talking about.

New Mixing Consoles

As part of its sound equipment services, Hi-Tech Audio offers new mixing consoles. Purchasing a large-frame audio console is a big decision for most of our customers. It is for Hi-Tech Audio as well. Why not gain the benefit of our experience in buying, using, servicing and reselling consoles by trading with us? We give you the perspective of an industry insider when you are making your big decision.

Certified Pre-Owned Mixing Consoles

Experience new console technologies and put the mixing console you want in your hands with a confidence that you can count on. With Hi-Tech Audio Certified Pre-Owned consoles you can gain the advantages of an out-of-the-box console with the price of a pre-owned console. Benefits include:

  • Complete Certification Process
  • 6 Month Warranty
  • One Owner (Hi-Tech Audio)


Hi-Tech Audio offers you a great selection of mixing consoles to rent. Large-Format mixing consoles are the only rental business we do so you can bet that we pay close attention to having the most-modern and best-serviced console fleet in the world. That should be paramount to someone renting the most important control feature of their live-sound production. Hi-Tech Audio has been renting consoles for over twenty five years and any veteran in the live-sound engineering business knows us.