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Yamaha began shipping their new large-frame console system, RIVAGE PM10, in 2016 and Hi-Tech Audio was one of the first Yamaha Ambassador Dealers to take delivery. Since then Hi-Tech has ordered and received many more systems and has one of the largest RIVAGE PM10 collections in the world. As Yamaha says, “In terms of sound quality, operation, functionality, reliability, expandability, and more, the RIVAGE PM10 is a thoroughly refined flagship that defines the direction for future generations.” We would have to agree and are placing our faith in this product by investing our resources in having this system available for your rental and purchase.

AVID has gained a well-established place in the audio control world over the past years with their VENUE PROFILE console system. We have been extremely busy for years supplying dozens of PROFILES to customers through rentals and sales, both new and Certified Pre-Owned. With the recent introduction of the AVID VENUE S6L mixing system AVID plans to continue that legacy. And so does Hi-Tech Audio. The S6L is certainly a step up from the Profile in many ways and is gaining momentum in acceptance with many PROFILE enthusiasts switching over to the S6L. We are ready for this move and have integrated many new systems into our rental and sales inventory and are ready to explain all the potential that this console brings to live-sound demands.

Just when you think the world is catching up to Digico consoles, Digico releases the STEALTH CORE 2 engine taking “the SD range to the next level.” Indeed. Building on the FPGA technology employed by all SD consoles the STEALTH CORE 2 engine provides faster and more powerful control capabilities. Available by software upgrade to most existing SD consoles, this technology boost represents a way to refresh your console with expanded processing and channel counts. Hi-Tech has upgraded every possible console in our SD system rental and sales inventory to this new standard.

The most accessible of the SSL Live console systems, the L200, is now available. SSL continues to improve their already stellar offering of console systems, adding the mid-scale L200 console to the L500 and L300. Features include three fader tiles of 38 total faders and up to 96 input channels, 48 aux sends and a 24 output Matrix. Processing options include the same options as the more powerful SSL consoles making this a sonic sibling of the L300 and L500 and available to a much wider audience.

Also released is the latest software install package for the SSL Live console systems. Improvements include iPad and Android control, Dante device routing and numerous other items requested by SSL users. These consoles are a standard to be reckoned with in terms of sonic quality. As Hi-Tech Audio friend and customer, Kenny Kaiser (FOH The Killers), says, “This console is the most analogue-correct digital console I've ever encountered. It sounds phenomenal.”

Don't call a salesperson, call an Owner. Louis @ 650.742.9166, Louis@Hi-TechAudio.com

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Foo Fighters Take Yamaha RIVAGE PM10s On Tour
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Hi-Tech Audio specializes in live-sound audio consoles. We are authorized SSL, Yamaha, Digico and Avid dealers offering new and certified pre-owned consoles and audio console rentals. We offer audio console systems for concert productions, church sound systems, television studio and mobile broadcast productions, and live-sound venues. If you are in the market for a live-sound audio console for a concert or church sound system, tours, or live-sound events, you should find out why we are the largest live-sound console specialty company in the world.